How to Back Up Save Game Files on a Windows 10 Computer

You need to back up the saved games in case you want to set up a new laptop or desktop. You can launch the saved files from your USB drive once you have installed the game on your new computer. If you back up your saved games, then you will never lose them. To backup saved game files on a Windows 10 computer, follow the steps mentioned in this article.

 Here’s how to back up save game files on a Windows 10 computer

  • Backing up the saved games files manually
  1. Press on the File Explorer option.
  2. It is located on the Windows 10 toolbar.
  3. Go to the folder which contains the subfolder of the save file which is appearing in the screenshot.
  4. Choose the subfolder of the saved game file.
  5. Click on the Copy to option.
  6. It is located on the Home option.
  7. Choose the folder for copying it from the menu list located in the screenshot.
  8. Place the USB flash driver located on the screen.
  9. You need to do this procedure for backing up the file.
  10. Start backing up a particular file.
  11. Go to the saved folder of the game, choose the file.
  12. Click on the Copy to option.
  • Backing up the save files of game with file history
  1. Click on the Cortana option.
  2. It is located on the left-hand side of the toolbar of the Windows 10.
  3. Type the “backup” keyword.
  4. It is given in the text field.
  5. Choose the Backup settings tab.
  6. It will launch the menu.
  7. It is provided in the screenshot.
  8. After that, place the flash drive or any other external hard drive on the USB port.
  9. Click on the Add a drive option.
  10. After that, choose the backup drive.
  11. Now, you have successfully chosen Automatically back up my files.
  12. Choose any other options by pressing on the More Options button.
  13. Press on the Add folder button.
  14. After that, choose the subfolder for backing up the game file which you have already saved.
  15. Windows will start backing up the game.
  16. For this, choose the additional option by going to the pull-down menu list.
  17. Click on the Back up Now option for backing up the chosen folders.
  18. Start restoring the backup by pressing on the Restore files option.
  19. It is located on a current backup option.
  20. This option is given in the screenshot which you have taken.
  21. Start restoring the backup copies from the File Explorer menu.
  22. For this procedure, you need to right-click on the file.
  23. Choose the Restore previous version.
  24. Choose the file located on the Previous Version option.

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